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CIRAD is recruiting a researcher experienced in modeling genotype-phenotype relationships in various cropping systems. You will be positioned within the UMR Genetic Improvement and Adaptation of Plants (AGAP institute) in the Phenotyping and modeling of plants in their agro-climatic environment (PhenoMEn) team.

Your missions will be to acquire and mobilize knowledge in ecophysiology in these systems to explain the interactions Genetics x Environment x Practices (GxExP, GxGxExP) and design varietal ideotypes. For this, you will mobilize approaches and use crop modeling tools, in connection with data from field phenotyping.

Your project will be part of a research system in West Africa working on the adaptation of sorghum to climate change. First, it will focus on the analysis of biomass and grain production in response to abiotic stress conditions (mainly drought and heat). You will contribute to extending this dynamic to the adaptation of sorghum to different agro-ecological contexts, including association with cowpea and in the longer term with other crops.