November 30, 2021
Timing: Edmonton: 06.00–08.00; Cali/Washington DC: 08.00–10.00; Accra/London: 13.00–15.00; Amsterdam/Rome/Geneva: 14.00–16.00; Nairobi: 16.00–18.00; Colombo: 18.30–20.00; Sydney: 00.00–02.00+1
India: 18-30-20-00

This WLE symposium will celebrate the achievements and impacts of the CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE) which will close following a ten-year journey in December 2021.

The event will highlight the science-driven, practical innovations that WLE has generated to address critical climate challenges and advance the transition to more equitable, productive, sustainable and resilient food systems. It targets a wide range of stakeholders – and aims to inform future research, planning and investments.

The program will begin with a presentation of key WLE solutions. A keynote speaker will then place WLE’s research in a broader context, connecting it to global debates around water, land and ecosystem sustainability. This will be followed by a high-level panel discussion, some short personal reflections from people closely involved in the program, and concluding remarks that will look to the future and consider how WLE research can help to address the climate crisis.